Slimming programme feedback

‘I undertook a programme of no wheat/no yeast products for 4 weeks with Paola. This included no bread, pasta or wheat based products which included Vegemite (hard for an Aussie to do without!). It was a challenge at first to source a lunch without bread and a dinner without pasta, but after a week it became quite interesting to see what foods I had not tried before. I never felt compromised as there is so much choice in fruits and vegetables, pulses and meats, I just had to think ‘outside the square’. My energy levels increased and I wasn’t feeling sluggish in the morning and my appetite was reduced as I felt satisfied from the food lists and menu guidelines Paola provided. I also lost weight and lost that bloated feeling.

Paola’s regular contact on my progress also was a great support and encouraged me to continue my routine. Months after this trial I continue to keep my wheat intake low as I know what a difference it makes. Paola has raised my awareness of some wonderful new foods, the positive effects of a wheat free diet and that breads and pasta aren’t the only foods that can satisfy the appetite. Thanks again!’ (J. Vincent)