Alongside my blogging on Energya, I write for the Huffington Post on lifestyle and for several online publications including itcher magazine and MassageSchool.org on luxury beauty treatments and products, health and well-being.



You come through with an air of freshness that makes the reader feel ‘good’ and ‘grateful’ even though they probably don’t consciously realise it.  Your style flows, it takes me from one bit to the next with such ease and grace. Your choice of titles are sublime and match the content PERFECTLY.” Patri Hernandez, itcher Magazine

“Paola never stops surprising with brilliant ideas and great turnaround time. A gem not just on People Per Hour but in the blogging industry” PeopleperHour

“Paola has been great to work with- consistent communication and fulfilled the brief perfectly. Looking forward to working together again soon!” PeopleperHour

“Excellent, enthusiastic and writes content really well. Would definitely use again and recommend.” Peopleperhour

“Wow Paola I have just read your piece. I love your writing style it is so detailed informative and entertaining. I think it is a fantastic article, I was really impressed and thank you for sending me a copy.” Elaine Williams, Director of Natural Therapies, Grayshott Spa.

James Lamper, Director at Weightmatters “Paola has an amazing skill of using social media to maximise awareness, which has resulted in twitter being the number one referral source to my website. She understands my business, is flexible with her time and has received a flowing stream of compliments from friends who work in marketing. I highly recommend Paola in the position of freelance writer.”

“Excellent work! Very good researcher, quick turn around on work, and excellent writer.” (Victoria, PeopleperHour)

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Journalist Frankie Rozwadowzka reviewed the Energya® Slimming Massage:

“I highly recommend you pay a visit to Paola and her magical hands. It’s a great way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle change, or to reward yourself for any changes you have made and are successfully keeping up.”

“During my full-body massage Paola points out things that she can feel with her fingers ‘You cycle don’t you?’ when kneading my calf. She says she can even tell what people eat by using her hands – MY GOD she is the muscle whisperer?!?

After my massage, she gives me a facial facelift, using no creams, lotions or oils, just by the touch of her magic fingers.

If you need to relieve some STRESS book in with Paola immediately… you WON’T be disappointed” Michael, Man in London.


Feedback on deep tissue massage

“Thanks a lot for your massage. It was deep and focused on getting rid of my pain!!! Thanks a lot for great job!!” (Paola Alessi)

Feeback on natural facelift massage

“I went for a natural facelift massage  a few days ago. With just her fingers, Paola massages your face in such a way that you feel revitalized and become so relaxed at the same time, and you just don’t want her to stop! It’s a great massage, whatever your next activity is. The massage room is extremely peaceful and you’re quickly put at ease by Paola. A great experience I recommend to everyone.” Sophie Marette

Feedback on slimming massage

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Feedback from Frankie Rozwadwoska on twitter 21st February 2013






















Feedback on  shoulders massage and natural facelift

Twitter testimonials 5th February 2013












Feedback on deep tissue massage: “As a keen boxer my back and shoulders are forever sore (exacerbated by the stresses of running my own business!) which can really affect my training and general health. Paola managed to find knots in my banck and shoulders that I didn’t even know existed. I felt lighter and gained more mobility in my shoulders than I have done in a long time. If you have any injuries, stresses or inflammation in your body – go see Paola and her magic healing hands.” (Neema Savvides)


Feedback on natural facelift: “”Paola suggested I look in the mirror straight after the treatment and, amazingly, the wrinkles lines on my forehead and my jowls have practically vanished. My face looks younger and plumper. I left Energya with a spring in my step and a renewed confidence in my aging face.” Review of the Energya natural facelift from HypeGlo, the Entertainment Network http://hypeglo.com/blog/”

Feedback on body wraps: “My skin felt smooth for weeks and my legs did not need shaving so frequently!  I would thoroughly recommend this treatment.  It makes you feel relaxed and on top of the world.  Sheer bliss.”  (Elaine)

Feedback on deep tissue massage

Feedback on myofascial release “Having been to a great number of massage therapists, I was surprised at Paola’s exceptional, high-calibre therapeutic service. Warm and approachable, highly skilled and professional, she found the root cause of my strain in a matter of minutes and adapted her approach, releasing knots I didn’t even know I had. In my view, she raises the bar for  massage therapists all across London and I have no intention of changing therapists any time soon.” [Name withheld]


Feedback on deep tissue massage



Feedback on deep tissue massage “I’ve only started having massages over the past year and I have noticed a huge difference in myself! It relieves all tension that we carry in our backs in day to day life. I’ve realised I hold a lot of my tension in the upper part of my back and I also get knots there from exercising. After having a massage with Paola my back feels so much better and I feel so much more relaxed. I would highly recommend massage to those who haven’t tried it, it’s amazing!” [Nicola Stevens, actress and model. See full interview here]

Feedback on the Energya signature treatment “I saw Paola a few times and felt so much better. She is a great therapist I must say, and also she is such a warm and relaxing person, as if she was meant to be what she is today. She is inspirational.

I see her now sometimes as I find massages very good for my mood, very good for my body and very good when you are into sport.

When you exercise regularly you will find that your muscles need more than fuel from food. Toxins, aches, pain, fatigue… can be easily managed with proper pre- and post-exercise food intake, stretching and a good massage.

I also tried the face massage with her that works like a facelift; I loved it.” [Ange Randrianasolo, GOSH Food: see also Ange’s interview for Energya and Paola’s guest blog for GOSH Food]


Feedback on deep tissue massage

“I have had on-going issues with my right knee and have spent a small fortune on it. However after my first session with Paola my problem has improved drastically
Paola is one of the most gifted therapist I have come across and anyone who has a treatment with her will see this.
Paola has an incredible gift of releasing problems areas effectively and is extremely skilled in what she does.
I would highly recommend her to anyone and I am glad to have found such a great therapist.
I will book another appointment soon…. ” (Corinna C., on Wahanda)


Feedback on the Energya signature treatment “Fortunately I have Paola – when I see her we seem to unlock something that allows me to carry on with an open mind and a centred, balanced body.”   (Piers Thompson, film director)


“Paola has a great little spot at The Albany Club near Regents Park. Once you find the building which is tucked away off the main road, Paola made me feel comfortable. She talked through the treatment at the beginning and provided a one hour massage. Afterwards, I walked away feeling relaxed and de-knotted!” (name withheld)



From Wahanda: “Really lovely experience. Warm welcome by the reception and drink offer was really nice and relaxing while waiting for my therapist…

I had two lymphatic drainages with Paola who is experienced and really lovely lady.

The massage was pleasant and effective, definitely gonna come back. Facilities are beautiful also could use the steam room and relaxation area after my massage which was the top notch.  Thank you”

“I visited Paola last year for three sessions of lymphatic drainage massages and found the experience lovely and relaxing, and I felt revitalised after each visit. Paola is very professional and friendly and puts you totally at ease, and I will definitely be visiting her for more sessions in the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” Jordan Paramor, writer


Please see our dedicated  marketing seminars page and the related feedback page.


2011 “An hour massage with Paola chases out a year’s worth of accumulated tensions — a best found remedy for stress-relief that is more effective even than holiday, as it can be booked regularly!” (Bernice Pan)

2011 “This is a really excellent treatment and the therapist Paula is great. She is able to give a firm treatment and really get in to help problem areas and relieve stress. I would highly reccomend! ” (Name withheld). Source: Wahanda

2011 “Paola is absolutely wonderful. I have a very hectic job, had recently fallen ill, and also terribly broken out – basically I was a mess. She was very compassionate and focused on the areas of the body that could most benefit from massage. She massaged my sinus and lymph systems and it was the first time I could breathe in days. The deep tissue massage was great and helped alleviate tension I had been building up for weeks. She also gave me some guidance on how I could take better care of myself. I’ll definitely be back on a regular basis. ” (name withheld, Wahanda)










“Soon after my first massage with Paola Bassanese I found my skeptical self wondering if maybe there was such a thing as ‘healing hands’ after all. Busy Londoners who like to see results and who are in need of a bodily reminder that less can definitely mean more should definitely consider squeezing an hour or two with Paola into their diaries.”  (Margot MacFarlane)

“Paola is the massage therapist that really knows how to connect with how you’re feeling and what your body needs.
She is extremely knowledgable. I would reccomend Paola if there was something that you wanted to work on indefinately.

I always walk away feeling as though something has been put right.” (Vicki Stathopoulos)

“Really, I can’t begin to tell you how much physically better I feel after the wonderful massage you gave me on Saturday am. I immediately went home and had a really refreshing sleep for 2 and a half hours on Saturday pm and have had much more energy over the weekend – and you know how stressed and exhausted I was feeling! I could really see and feel a marked improvement with my tummy! Thank you so much. Best regards, Nina Humm”

“Dear Paola,

May I express my sincere thanks for the wonderful treatment of lymphatic drainage at your clinic.  The fluid retention was visibly reduced and the treatment is so gentle and relaxing it is almost like a massage.  I feel so much better and less bloated.  My cheekbones are now visible again.

I will definately be coming back and have recommended you to my friends who are very interested.

Kind Regards,

Elizabeth Burness”

2011 “I would strongly recommend Paola to anyone she not onlyprovided complete relaxation but also cured my sore throat which I have had for
a month.” Angela Hope-Murray



2010: back pain, stress

“Paola has been my massage therapist for a couple of years now, helping me with sports massage and muscular tension. She is professional & works to a very high standard. I highly recommend her services!” Bobby Bogunovic

“I’m a journalist and suffer a permanent RSI problem. Paola helps a huge amount. I’ve had years of discomfort, but after a massage session I feel so much better and the effects last for days. I’d have no hesitation recommending Paola to anyone with a chronic, or a mild, symptom. She’s a natural healer and makes things better. You should hire her.” Jonny Evans

2009: corporate massage visits, back/neck/shoulders massage

‘Paola provides a fantastic service and is very Knowledgeable in her field’ read more.

2009: natural facelift and body massage

‘Paola was able to identify areas which had been giving me some trouble without my making her aware of them’ read more

2009: natural facelift

‘It felt very pleasant and I finished the treatment feeling and looking very refreshed.’ read more

2008: nutrition and slimming

‘ I felt satisfied from the food lists and menu guidelines Paola provided. I also lost weight and lost that bloated feeling. Paola’s regular contact on my progress also was a great support and encouraged me to continue my routine.’  read more

2007: natural facelift

‘I was astonished from the very first session!’read more

2006: corporate massage visits/seated massage

‘I felt so relaxed, calm and at peace with my body and mind following just 40 beautiful minutes in Paola’s hands. Thank you.’ [Shelagh Fairbank, Computer Trainer]

‘I have never experienced a massage like Paola’s before. It was indescribable; (and I work as a copywriter and am not usually lost for words.) … totally relaxing yet invigorating. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. I will certainly go back for more even though I will need to travel to London for it.’ [Krystyna Boughey, Marketing Professional]

‘Thank you for the wonderful treatment you gave to me yesterday – it really was just what I needed and I felt very relaxed. My shoulder certainly feels flexible today’ [Lisa Gunther]

‘Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the treatment yesterday. It was a great first experience of reiki healing and I really enjoyed it. I felt totally relaxed and slept really well last night.’ [Lucy Mills, Marketing Professional]

“I came to Paola for a massage/Reiki session as my back had some knots due to working long hours in front of the computer. The session was really relaxing and I felt very good even days after it. I’d highly recommend her to anyone needing a very relaxed and efficient session.” Claudio Toyama, CEO/ Chief Experience Strategist

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my massage treatment and felt very relaxed and de-stressed afterwards. The fact that you added in a number of specific things tailored to me after our consultation just made it that bit extra special, so thanks again!’ [Jody Atkins, Business Advisor]





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