Energya 2022 Prices

Sponsored posts: please enquire for rates, prices start at £100

Day rate: £250  (eur 290)

4 blog posts (1 per week) for your website up to 1,000 words: £500  (eur 585) per month on a retainer basis

What is included in an article/blog post:

  • original high quality content tailored to your company’s needs and unique voice
  • content that keeps your readers and customers engaged and staying on your website
  • independent research
  • keyword search
  • a call to action (e.g. sign up for newsletter)

Energya Media Kit 2022

Website traffic:

3,000 visitors monthly

Social media reach:

Twitter 6,100+ followers

Instagram 1,600+ followers

TikTok 130+ followers

YouTube 670+ followers

Facebook 330+ followers