Media Coverage for Clients

media coverage

Getting good media coverage is essential to raise a company’s profile and to attract new clients.

Demonstrating that you are an expert in your industry is key to build trust with your customers.

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Media coverage examples:


Irish Times

DebaPay: Taking the Pain out of Getting Paid 

Case Study

Raising awareness of a new wellness discipline in the UK. Created original content for external publications and harnessed the power of social media to build relationships with journalists to gain media coverage.

Worked directly with journalists, contacting them either in response to an information request or proactively to introduce them to a new subject.

High success rate in getting international publications to cover the subject.

New Emotional Wellness Trend

Huffington Post

Have you tried Sophrology?


Inclusion in Wikipedia as a trusted source

Elephant Journal

Sophrology: a Hidden Gem to Tackle Self-Doubt.

Mother and Baby

AGEFI French Media Group