How to Brace for a Canadian Winter

canadian winter

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Canadians have winter down to a science. If you wait until the first bit of frost hits the air to start doing anything about the cost of heating, you’re already too late! You must plan and get ready for the worst. Here are some of the best tips to prepare you for this difficult season – and the timing you’ll need to make sure you don’t get caught in the cold!


Prepare Your Home

Whether you’re looking at St Albert homes for sale, or you’ve lived in the same house for years, you have to do the same preparations. Before it starts getting cold, get your HVAC system checked. If your heating isn’t up to snuff, and you wait until the last moment, you could be risking long lines and long waits to get your house heated. You can test it yourself by turning on the heater for an hour and seeing if it works. All heaters start out smelling a little like burning, but if you notice any smoke, turn it off and immediately call a professional.

Prepare Your Body

Many of us work so hard on our summer bodies that we get blindsided by the ravages of winter. Not only does the cold lock us away from our regular running and outdoor activities, but it also comes during the holidays, when we want to eat more and move less. Be preemptive on this by setting up a diet and workout regimen you can complete at home. Whether that means finding YouTube videos you can work along with or looking at diet books that taste like classic holiday food: do what works for you. Although it’s not the end of the world, if you put on five pounds from junk food – it’s harder to take off than it is to put on.

Prepare Your Mind

Depression and anxiety run rampant during the colder months. For example, Canada gets less Vitamin D from sunlight than most other parts of the world, which means winters are bitter and depressing. Instead of succumbing to that, put energy into figuring out how to make yourself mentally healthy before it hits. Consider taking meditation courses online or in person, and if it gets worse, please think about finding a therapist. Therapy helps people deal with the struggles of life and will let you feel less alone.

Plan For Emergency

Emergencies will happen whether you’re ready for them or not. You could have a solid plan and then end up on the side of the road due to black ice. Plan with adequate insurance, a healthy savings account, and some goals of what you’ll do if anything happens, and you’ll do fine. Many keep blankets and snacks in the back of their car in case they get stuck somewhere.

You should also think about what you’ll do if the power goes out or if you have an unexpected family guest due to the holidays. Plans protect you in the long run and leave you prepared for anything and relieved when you don’t have to use them.