The Importance of Light

I’ve lived in London for several years and, because the sky is often overcast, I need to switch the lights on during the day for the majority of the year (even during British Summer Time!). As a writer and amateur photographer, I need good lighting for my work and my hobbies. For example, I am a bit fan of spotlights and have them in all the rooms. In the kitchen, in particular, I find that LED lights produce a very natural light, which is great for food preparation and to take those all-important Instagram pictures. I was talking to a food photographer recently, who emphasized the importance of natural lighting when you take pictures of foods. Whether you are an amateur wanting to show off your latest creation on Instagram or a professional wanting to impress a client, good light makes a difference. Natural light is always preferable, but professionals will use specialised lighting equipment too. I found that my LED lights at home create a good amount of illumination that mimics natural light, so even when it’s cloudy my pictures of home made pizza and bread get their good share of Instagram likes.

Recently I also visited the Royal Academy in Piccadilly to see a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition of King Charles I’s art collection. Paintings, sculptures and miniatures that used to be in his possession were distributed around Europe after his reign. This means that I got to see in one place fabulous Renaissance paintings that are normally held in museums in Madrid or Paris, or in private collections such as HRH The Queen’s. The beauty of Renaissance paintings lies in the use of light: without artificial light, artists had to work furiously to capture natural light, finding good angles that would highlight their sitter’s features. Jacopo Tintoretto, for example, used striking colours and harsh overhead light to cast strong shadows over his subjects to create a dramatic effect. At the Royal Academy itself, the lighting had been carefully planned to highlight some original marble sculptures from Ancient Rome. The spotlights illuminated only the sculptures leaving the background dark, which made them stand out in the room.

This experience made me realise how important it is to have good lighting in your home. You can create different types of moods according to the time of day, for example, as you wind down in the evening, you can use table lamps with delicate yellow tones, which help to induce sleep.

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