How To Become Verified with a Blue Badge on Facebook

become verified with a blue badge on facebook

Facebook doesn’t advertise the option of becoming verified as a business page. The impression is that Facebook does not want to encourage users to apply. It also seems that Facebook tends to move the link to request to become verified: in articles about the verification process, embedded links stopped working with no redirection. While this is not a definitive guide on how to become verified with a blue badge on Facebook, you’ll find some useful information to improve your chances.

The current link (correct in 2017) to apply for verification is the following:

In case it stops working in the future, I will update it if a new link becomes available.


Becoming Verified with a Blue Badge on Facebook: Public Figure

Facebook defines a public figure as someone who has built a strong profile in fields such as sports, media or entertainment. This is the official line from Facebook:

A verified Page has a blue checkmark next to its name. Select people, sports, media, entertainment and government Pages may be eligible for verification. We don’t support verification requests for user profiles and Pages that represent businesses/brands.

The Application Process

This is the original text from the Facebook verification request page:

Select Page to verify

If you would like to verify a Page, please select from the dropdown below.

Select Page

Please attach a photo of your ID

We require at least one of the following official documents in order to review your request.

If your account represents a person:

– A government-issued photo ID that shows your name and date of birth (i.e. driver’s license or passport)

If your account represents something other than a person, provide a document with an official seal/watermark of your organization:

– Your organization’s phone or utility bill

– A certificate of formation

– Articles of incorporation

– Tax or tax exemption documents belonging to your organization

Additional information

Please share why your account should be verified.

My Failed First Attempt

I ran an experiment and applied for my Facebook business page Paola Bassanese lifestyle writer to become verified with a blue badge. I had already received the grey badge, which confirms that you are a legitimate business page.

It turns out that having a high level of engagement on Facebook is the deal breaker. Guess what this means in layman’s terms? It means that to have a better chance to become verified with a blue badge, you need to spend money on Facebook ads to boost your posts’ reach and engagement.

This was the response from Facebook to my request for verification:

Thanks for your request to verify your account.

We reviewed your account, and unfortunately, it’s not eligible to be verified at this time.

We encourage you to continue growing your public presence and reapply in 30 days.


Learn more about verified accounts:

I decided that it was not mission-critical for me to get a blue badge, as my business page already has a grey badge.

How To Improve Your Chances of Becoming Verified on Facebook


When researching ways to become verified with a blue badge on Facebook, I saw that a common piece of advice is to pay for Facebook Advertising. Boosting posts and paying for advertising campaigns tend to improve your chances of becoming verified.


Getting numerous mentions on Facebook is also beneficial to build a strong case. When individuals and other business pages tag your page on Facebook on a regular basis, it shows that you are likely to be a public figure. You can proactively ask your fans to tag you in posts (you can incentivise them, for example, by doing a competition).

Media Coverage

Similarly to when applying for Twitter verification (see how to get verified on twitter), getting numerous quotes in the media from sites with a high domain authority tends to boost your public figure profile.

Did You Know?

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