Loft Living with Velux Blinds

Do you live in a maisonette with sloped ceilings or in a converted loft? A flat on the top floor can have plenty of character, can be flooded with natural light and benefits from any heat rising from the floors below. At the same time, the place can over-heat during the summer, with temperatures reaching uncomfortable levels inside the home.

South-facing walls with a skyline bring in so much natural light, which is great during the day, but it can cause problems at night if the room is too bright to get a good night’s sleep. Sometimes we get the best sleep in the early morning, and during the summer the sun rises at around 5am, just when we could do with another two hours’ sleep. Or maybe there is a streetlight just outside the window, in direct line of sight as you lie in your bed.

Being on the top floor may not always protect you from prying eyes.

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, neighbours can see you when you are at the window. If your bathroom is on the top floor, for example, with a window overlooked by other houses, you will need to fix a blind.

Blinds can add a splash of colour to a room while also creating privacy, regulating the temperature and blocking out excess light.

For example, VELUX Blackout Blinds allow you to control the amount of light in a room, all the way from dimming and diffusing the light to creating total darkness.

Velux also has a range of blinds to serve different functions: Venetian blinds are perfect in the bathroom, as they provide privacy while also allowing the air to circulate, while insect screens are ideal in the kitchen, to protect all food preparation areas.

They come in dozens of different colours to match any type of interior design.

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