YouTube Space London Open House

YouTube Space London

Have you ever been to the London YouTube offices? YouTube Space London Open House events are the best way to get access to this amazing venue, normally only available to YouTubers with more than 10K subscribers.

Visiting the YouTube Space in London

If you only have one life goal, make it to get 10K YouTube subscribers! But seriously, it is worth to focus on your video content and reach out to as many people as possible to grow your fan base. Once you succeed in getting a big enough audience, it is definitely recommended to use the YouTube Space facilities because they are free, including hiring studio space and equipment.

Not only that: you can even get advice and mentorship on how to grow your channel and improve the quality of your video content. You can organise that through reception and you can arrange one to one mentoring sessions with a dedicated YouTube Partner Manager.

Paola Bassanese at YouTube Space LondonYouTube Space London











How To Organise a Visit

If you have 100K subscribers you can even host your own event and hire the Cafe space for workshops or presentations. Look at the calendar of events on the YouTube Space London’s website: you will see plenty of amazing speakers (Armando Iannucci, I am looking at you! Shame I don’t have zillions of subscribers) and workshops.

If you have 1K subscribers you can still attend some of the workshops – each event has its own requirement for attendees in terms of the minimum number of subscribers, therefore some events require a minimum of 10K subscribers while others only require a minimum of 1K subscribers.

During the YouTube Space London Open House I managed to do some networking and I met:

Stay At Home Explorer

Juta Steel

BaseLine Labs

I didn’t manage to speak to some YouTubers in person but I exchanged a few tweets with Goku London and Team Awesome Productions.

Watch the highlights from the Open House event here:

It was fantastic to connect with other YouTubers and I am grateful to YouTube Space for a brilliant event.

Of course, like any other YouTuber, all that is left for me to say now is: SUBSCRIBE! Thanks!

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