Digital Nomad Checklist

The full article is now featured in my other website, Digital Nomad Europe; here is a summary with key messages.

Find out what you need to become a digital nomad: from setting up a business to taxation.

Discover the true meaning of being location-independent: from adapting to different cultures to working long hours to accommodate the needs of your clients.

From finding the right accommodation at the right price to finding flexible office space that is affordable, quiet, efficient.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Digital Nomad

Think about residency and taxation: is your country of origin charging a high tax rate? Should you investigate applying for residency in a country with more favourable taxation?

Is being a digital nomad lonely? Would you miss working with other people and interacting with colleagues? Would you cope without your closest friends and family?

How good are you at managing finances, setting aside money into a savings account, plan for your pension, budget for any type of expenses?

Are you better off having a limited company or working as a sole trader? Are you planning to employ other people or subcontract work to other freelancers around the world?

How well do you deal with uncertainty and disrupting life events such as loss of data, loss of equipment, unreliable wi-fi connections, lost passport?

Does your current skills set allow you to work remotely instead of being office-bound in one single location?

Are good are you at building relationships, networking, email marketing, generating new business, managing client relationships remotely, communicating with clients on a regular basis?

Are you good at creating the right life / work balance to ensure you can sustain intense workloads interspersed with some travelling? The correct lifestyle of a digital nomad is based on the right nutrition, exercise, rest and intense periods of focused work.