Review: Urban Ground Cafe in Eastbourne

urban ground cafe in eastbourne

If you live in London, a day trip to Eastbourne is a great way to spend a few leisurely hours by the sea. If you are feeling pecking, a trip to Urban Ground Cafe in Eastbourne is a must, especially if you love avocado on toast.

What would life be without coffee and smashed avocado on toasted sourdough? Formerly only available to the uber-cool urbanites of London’s Shoreditch, avocado on toast is one of life’s small pleasures. If you happen to be in Eastbourne, it’s worth popping into Urban Ground, just off the high street on Bolton Road. With consistently good reviews on Tripadvisor, a friend and I decided to go there after searching for “best cafe in Eastbourne” and Urban Ground delivered on all fronts.

Achingly trendy decor, freshly baked pastries and high quality coffee make this cafe a breath of fresh air in a town where fish and chips shops are everywhere.

Let’s talk about the smashed avocado on sourdough toast I had: the avocado was creamy and seasoned with lime and chilli flakes. The sourdough was crunchy and with the typical tangy aftertaste of fresh sourdough (not the stuff you buy at supermarket, which is too fluffy and sweet). I could not resist having some grilled bacon on top – yes, a bit of a pricey treat but it was worth it. The saltiness of the bacon went so well with the tangy avocado topping and I was in heaven.

urban ground cafe in eastbourne
Ethically sourced coffee from Urban Ground Cafe in Eastbourne

The coffee was good, it tasted like it was independently sourced. A quick look at Urban Ground’s website reveals that the coffee is Union Hand Roasted and the cafe has an ethical approach about working directly with farmers to give them a fair price. Coffee blends are seasonal so you can expect different flavours throughout the year.

I was happily caffeinated and fed and ready for the day ahead in Eastbourne after our pitstop at Urban Ground. If you are in the area, I would definitely recommend a visit. It’s not surprising that this cafe won the award for best customer service in Eastbourne.