Making Kombucha Tea at Home

I didn’t realise making kombucha at home could be so much fun (watch the video below and you’ll understand).

You will need to order a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) online or ask a friend to give you one. A SCOBY is a gel-like starter that will convert sugar into acid which will brew into a healthy fermented drink.

In this video I’m making kombucha for the first time and channelling Charlie Chaplin and his dancing bread rolls.

Just in case you haven’t seen Charlie Chaplin’s famous scene, here it is.


3 litres filtered water (avoid chlorinated water)
6 green tea teabags
190 gr caster sugar
300 ml starter kombucha liquid


Wash and sterilise a large bowl and a large jug/jar (3 lt capacity and more).

Make a large batch of tea with all the tea bags, brewing for 15 minutes. Add the sugar and mix well. Let the sugared tea reach room temperature.




Pour a little filtered water in the large jug. Add the sugared tea, the starter kombucha liquid (a plain bottled kombucha typically) and the SCOBY. Cover with a muslin cloth and secure with a rubber band. Keep away from direct sunlight.

The kombucha will be ready to drink after 2-4 weeks. It will smell acidic and vinegary. You can then transfer into bottles and start the process again with the SCOBY and some remaining brewed kombucha tea.

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