Alimurgia a Tavola – The Foraging Home Cook Bilingual Italian-English Edition

A Unique Book on Foraging

The Foraging Home Cook is a collection of tried and tested recipes from different countries, all using foraged wild ingredients.

What’s different about the new edition of The Foraging Home Cook? Now you can learn Italian while cooking with a unique bilingual Italian/English edition.

The book features 60 recipes with more than 20 different popular and lesser known wild plants, from wild garlic to dandelion, which both foraging enthusiasts and home cooks will enjoy.

Using foraged wild foods allows you to have a healthier diet and save the environment by keeping your carbon emission low while feeling more in control of where your food comes from. Do you want to live an environment-friendly and sustainable life? Would you like to reduce carbon emissions and eat vegetables that grow locally? It’s easier than you think, if you are willing to do some research and invest time in learning about edible wild foods. Maybe it’s time to stop considering wild plants like nettles just a nuisance and take a serious look at their nutritional value. Then, the next step is to taste edible plants, discover new flavours (and discard those who don’t quite agree with our palate) and experiment with them in the kitchen.

While this book is more suitable to someone who already knows about foraging, the recipes can be adapted with different types of vegetables and it can also be used alongside a foraging plants manual to gain a better knowledge of wild foods.

The Italian version is displayed side-by-side with the English version and the translation (by Paola Bassanese) aims to allow either non-English speakers or non-Italian speakers to familiarise themselves with a foreign language.

You can get your copy of the bilingual foraging cookbook Alimurgia a Tavola – The Foraging Home Cook on  Amazon.