What Christmas Present to Buy for your Self-Employed Friend: 15 Gift Ideas

Don’t know what Christmas present to buy for your self-employed friend?   Most self-employed people have invested all their funds into building their business. This means that there’s not much left for day-to-day basics. So, while a cashmere jumper may be a lovely idea for your  fashion-challenged friends, in reality things like broadband are a necessity.


1 Broadband

Most “civilians” think that wifi is a basic human right. One day without wifi means loss of income, so why not make your self-employed friend a bit happier this Christmas with the gift of broadband?

2 External Hard Drive

A self-employed person relies on data to run a business, and storing all data is essential as any downtime represents a potential loss of income. Recommended: Seagate hard drive (affiliate).

3 Wireless Hotspot

People who travel a lot for work need to find safe and reliable wi-fi connections. A wi-fi hotspot can be a great gift for a globe-trotting friend (recommendation: Huawei Hotspot – affiliate link).


4 Laundry and Cleaning

Imagine this scenario: your web developer self-employed friend is coding through the night because his clients have pressing deadlines to meet. Who has time for laundry? As piles of clothes lie scattered on the floor and all chair available, don’t you think your self-employed friend could do with a bit of help? From decluttering to washing, you can get someone to blitz through house chores (you probably want to get this present for yourself: why not, treat yourself!).

what christmas present to buy for your self-employed friend

5 TV Entertainment Package (Movies)

Socialising may be a thing of the past for self-employed people so a couple of hours relaxing with a good movie could be the only downtime they can afford. Talking of affordability, monthly subscriptions to entertainment packages are usually the first things to cut down when keeping a tight grip on the budget (examples: Netflix, Hulu, Google Chromecast  and Amazon Fire TV).

6 Catering and Eating Out

You could surprise your self-employed friend with the gift of catering or eating out: for example, you could buy as a treat for a cook to come in once a week and prepare meals to be kept in the freezer, or get a loyalty card to a restaurant. It’s a win-win situation as you finally get to see your friend more, as socialising may not be on the top of your friend’s agenda.


7 SEO Services

Getting to the top of Google searches is a full-time job and requires constant learning. SEO services can be expensive so a package of a few months’ worth of SEO could make a great gift for a self-employed friend.

8 Social Media Updates

Some small business owners and self-employed people either detest social media or don’t have enough time to dedicate to it. Buying a few months’ or a year’s worth of social media services can be a great help for your self-employed friend (recommendation: social media services).

9 Subscription to Trade Magazines

Depending on which industry sector your friend works in, trade magazines are essential reading. Because the content is specialised, an annual subscription can come with a hefty price tag.

10 Espresso Machine

Does your self-employed friend function on caffeine? Trips to the local coffee shop are expensive – so why not get an espresso machine? It’s a great investment and will save your friend time and money (recommendation: Morphy Richards Accents Espresso Coffee Maker, Andrew James Barista Coffee Maker – affiliate links).

11 Fancy Stationery

Remember how much you hated stationery as a gift when you were a child? Well, things change: good stationery including good quality business cards is essential for a self-employed person. Business cards are difficult to buy so ask for a ready made template with all the business information and order a batch of cards or simply buy a gift card from a printing shop (recommendation: Moo business cards – affiliate link).

12 Bookkeeping and Other Professional Services

Bookkeeping is usually an activity that is crammed at the very last minute before submitting the accounts to the accountant. Getting a bookkeeper for your self-employed friend can take away a huge amount of stress. Other professional services to get are business advice and mentoring, or business coaching for example.

13 Virtual PA Services

Does your self-employed friend complain she hasn’t got enough time to do everything and wishes she had a PA? You can get a few months’ or a year’s worth of virtual PA services: it can be a lifesaver.

14 Headsets and Microphone for Podcasting

Do you know someone who is keen on podcasting? They may have the best ideas for content but may lack the equipment. Why not get your self-employed friend headsets and microphone for podcasting? (recommended: LogitechEasySMX – affiliate links ).

15 Professional Camera

Is your self-employed friend a keen blogger/vlogger who hasn’t got the right equipment to take good pictures? A digital camera can be just the ticket (recommended: Panasonic LumixCanon EOS  – affiliate links).

See also: cameras used by famous vloggers.

What Christmas Present to Buy for Your Self-Employed Friend Bonus Feature: Rainbows and Unicorns

When I asked on social media for gift suggestions from self-employed people, I received replies like “world peace” and the gift of time (or, more precisely, a “calendar with extra days”). An extra pair of hands was also mentioned, which would fit in nicely in the virtual PA service recommendation. Also mentioned: bus and rail pass, groceries home delivery and the gift of a good night’s sleep.