Massage Workshops for Couples, Family and Friends



Massage workshops make a fantastic gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Christmas (other festivities too!).

Energya offers short yet fun and informative 2 hour workshops for couples, family and friends.

In the 2 hours, a couple (could be partners, friends, two family members) gets the chance to learn simple yet effective massage techniques for the back and shoulders.

As many people suffer from back and shoulder tension, this workshop is ideal to be able to offer a bit of pain relief to a loved one or just create a better bond by giving the gift of relaxation.

Each person will be shown a massage sequence to perform on the back, they get the chance to practice it and then you swap roles so each person receives a massage.

No exam at the end so no pressure! You will not be tested on your skills, promise! The workshop will give you a good opportunity to learn something new in a comfortable environment and you will come out of the session feeling relaxed and more knowledgeable about how the body works.

Sessions are held in Central London.

Booking information and prices here: massage workshops page