Twitter Dos and Don’ts: Best Tips

What's happeningTwitter is a great tool for social networking: it’s fast, it’s furious, it’s efficient.

Journalists love it, celebrities (ab)use it, small businesses can thrive through it.

There’s a few things we all need to remember when using twitter: I asked a few people on twitter for their dos and don’ts. Feel free to add your twitter tips in the comments.


Twitter Dos

  • Always thank people you have interviewed for an article/blog post or who have helped you – a little bit of gratitude goes a long way
  • If you really want to have a celebrity on your books (for example, to gain more publicity/clients) don’t ask them to follow you but contact the agent or PR agency
  • Have a good balance of different types of messages from pictures to links to videos. Too many links at the same time can be perceived as spam so space them out through the day. In theory pictures get more interaction however it’s all down to the quality of content
  • You can check what works and doesn’t work in your twitter timeline by using Twitter Analytics. It allows you to check the reach of your tweets, which ones got the most interaction and… which ones got completely ignored!
  • Dane Cobain says:- Use Twitter’s advanced search to find people in your area who are tweeting terms that are relevant to your business (i.e. ‘need massage’ within fifteen miles of central London)- Make friends with influencers and team up with other people in your niche where possible – you’ll both benefit!
  • Jared  Carrizales says: Get involved in Twitter chats if you’re looking for exposure/networking. People on Twitter respond to “being real” and the chats allow those real, and genuine personalities to shine through.
  • Kerry Provenzano says: Keep an eye on Twitter trends and have your say on current topics. Twitter moves very quickly, gotta keep up!

Twitter Don’ts

  • Don’t go on a following spree: you may risk getting suspended. If you see a few accounts you would like to follow, spread out your following activity and don’t click on too many “follow” buttons in a short period of time
  • Don’t piggyback on a trending topic and use it to spam or market an unrelated product or service
  • Don’t ask people you don’t follow or that you haven’t built a good relationship with to buy your products/services or retweet your content. It’s cold calling and bad form
  • Don’t have long conversations on your timeline: more than three exchanges on your timeline with the same person. Continue the conversation in direct messages or via email
  • Jared Carrizales says: I’d suggest keeping in mind that you’re talking to actual people. Don’t be selfish or rude. Being real and genuine works wonders.

Don’t forget: you can share your tips in the comments!

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