The Walking, Foraging and Cooking Book Available on the Kindle Store

The Walking, Foraging and Cooking Book is the combination of two books:

~ Strictly Walk Slimmer
~The Foraging Home Cook

This book package is the result of the demand for an electronic version of a reference book on the benefits of walking and foraging.

Try Before You Buy: Book Preview

The Walking, Foraging and Cooking Book is also a great reference guide on how walking can make you healthier and slimmer and can act as a good stress-buster. Topics include an interesting discussion on nutrition, paying particular attention to “super foods”, and on foraging.
Do you want to live an environment-friendly and sustainable life? Would you like to reduce carbon emissions and eat vegetables that grow locally? It’s easier than you think, if you are willing to do some research and invest time in learning about edible wild foods.

Maybe it’s time to stop considering wild plants like nettles just a nuisance and take a serious look at their nutritional value.

Then, the next step is to taste edible plants, discover new flavours (and discard those who don’t quite agree with our palate) and experiment with them in the kitchen.

The Walking, Foraging and Cooking Book is available to download from Amazon’s Kindle Store.