Review: Storme Chaser Wins Burlesque Idol Round at The Electric Carousel, Piccadilly

Presented by The House of Burlesque, Burlesque Idol at the Electric Carousel is a competition to find the next big star of Burlesque.

Featuring some tassel-tastic feats, plenty of humour and glamour, Burlesque Idol was a night to remember.

Storme Chaser was a worthy winner with her tongue-in-cheek show featuring a bird hand puppet which was all too clever at removing clothes. You can follow her on twitter: Miss Chaser

Like all panel shows, Burlesque Idol had a panel of judges that included House of Burlesque’s Director Miss Tempest Rose, London Cabaret Award Judge Delores Deluxe and the winner of the Best Newcomer London Cabaret Awards, Tina T-urner Tea Lady. You can follow her on twitter: Tina Tea Lady Website: Tina Tea Lady

Without taking the limelight away from Burlesque Idol’s winner Storme Chaser, I must say that Tina T-urner Tea Lady provided excellent entertainment with her take on the ageing star, great comedic timing and fantastic singing voice. She was a real treat to watch, and you can see her in action in her parody of Tina Turner’s Bond theme song “Golden Eye”.

Tina Turner Tea Lady at The Electric Carousel


Tina T-urner knows how to rock an apron and pop socks on stage.

Tina T-urner Tea Lady in Golden Pie

History of the Pigalle Club, Now The Electric Carousel

The Beatles performed at the Pigalle Club (as mentioned in the book The Beatles Years by Barry Miles) and it was a famous concert venue and supper club until its closure in 2012. The Pigalle Club was owned by nightclub impresario Vince Power, who also owned the Mean Fiddler in Tottenham Court Road.

The Electric Carousel has retained most of the original 1940s-style décor with some edgier modern updates like murals inspired by Art Deco and tattoo art.