Have a Healthier Diet and Lower Your Carbon Emission: Cook with Foraged Wild Foods

Books by Paola Bassanese, The Foraging Home Cook

Having a healthier diet and saving the environment is possible thanks to foraged wild foods: the key is knowing how to cook with them

Do you want to live an environment-friendly and sustainable life? Would you like to reduce carbon emissions and eat vegetables that grow locally? It’s easier than you think, if you are willing to do some research and invest time in learning about edible wild foods.

Maybe it’s time to stop considering wild plants like nettles just a nuisance and take a serious look at their nutritional value.

Then, the next step is to taste edible plants, discover new flavours (and discard those who don’t quite agree with our palate) and experiment with them in the kitchen.

Wild edibles salad

‘The Foraging Home Cook’ is a practical cookbook for the home cook: if you consider the two extremes in cooking, where on the one side you have restaurant-quality, labour-intensive and extravagant recipes, and on the opposite side you have boiled or steamed vegetables, this cookbook will offer you ideas for weekday and weekend dishes.

Author Paola Bassanese says: “Foraging is waistline- and wallet-friendly. It’s good for the environment and it makes you enjoy the great outdoors.”

She wrote ‘The Foraging Home Cook’ day by day, cooking meals and taking notes on how to prepare them using foraged ingredients. The recipe book almost reads like a food diary, with some anecdotes and background information on wild plants and their uses. Each time she picked a new ingredient she came up with one or more recipes to cook with it.

She added: “It is a fun process creating new recipes each time I find edible wild foods. The thrill of the chase from discovering plants you can eat actually gives you a rush of endorphins. When I discovered that sow thistle is delicious and tastes like artichokes I was hooked and I haven’t stopped cooking with it since”.

‘The Foraging Home Cook’ is a recipe book aimed at people who may not have too much time to cook during the week but want to prepare healthy meals that have a good nutritional value from vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.

About the Author

Paola Bassanese is a lifestyle writer and author. Born in Italy, she spent her childhood years foraging during long summer holidays with her family. A Londoner for many years, she has rediscovered the joy of foraging in the many green areas of London.

About The Foraging Home Cook

The Foraging Home Cook is a recipe book aimed at home cooks who want to prepare balanced meals using foraged foods. Plants featured in the book are mostly available in the UK but some plants are also native of other countries outside of the UK. The Foraging Home Cook is available from Amazon.

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