Best Money Meditation Videos for Prosperity that Work

Do you need to “believe” that these money meditation videos work? Maybe.
Do you need to take action after you watch this videos? Absolutely.

The key when watching money meditation videos is to allow yourself to relax and become more open to new opportunities.

Israel Healing System Millionaire mind Lakshmi meditation




When we become obsessed with our past and our failures, we end up feeling stuck and hopeless. Therefore, while you will need to put words into action and not simply sit down and meditate hoping for the best, choosing to take stock, regroup and let go is essential to move on in life.

These videos are not a miracle cure but they are a positive step in the right direction towards creating a better, more prosperous future.

 Lack is an illusion


You Are a Money Magnet and Millionaire Mind by Trigram Healing

Gratitude is a superpower

A free hypnosis video to create abundance through gratitude and increasing confidence in your inner resources.

Running time: 35 minutes.

The next video is a collection of 1000 wealth affirmations to attract money.

Running time: 1 hour 2 minutes.


Guided Meditation for Prosperity from Israel Healing System

Being in a good mental balance will help in connecting and sensing the money flow

A spiritual journey to attract prosperity using affirmations.

Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes. Meditation ends at 1 hour 2 minutes approximately.

Lakshmi Attunement from Energy Works Healers

Release our lack karma, our lack consciousness, all the blockages that we have that we’re ready to release at this time, that  get in the way of us experiencing  unlimited prosperity and abundance

Goddess Lakshmi the Goddess of Prosperity and the meditation aims to shed your blockages to abundance.

Running time: 32 minutes. Meditation ends at 26 minutes in. Bonus feature: fluffy cat walks through at 0:53.

Bonus: Abraham-Hicks Meditation on Financial Abundance

As a habit, listen to any of the Abraham-Hicks meditations and discussions on YouTube: you will start noticing the positive and start ignoring the negative that is clouding your mind. Plus, Esther Hicks is hilarious!

Running time: 15:00.

The Verdict

You don’t need to start hugging trees to enjoy these money meditation videos.

Maybe you have been feeling stuck or let past negative experiences stop you from moving on in your life. You arrived to this page for a reason, and the next step is to take action to achieve your goals.

What’s the worst that can happen? You have just been sitting for an hour listening to a meditation – at least you won’t feel as anxious as you did before.

My favourite video from the list? I would say the Guided Meditation from Israel Healing System. It makes you think about how we are all interconnected.

My tip is to listen to these meditations while having a hot bath or just before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, write down any ideas that have popped into your head to help you improve your situation.

Just let things go and let life happen.