The Forager’s Kit: Packing List if You Are Going Foraging

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You need a forager’s kit if you are a beginner to foraging or a foraging enthusiast but you always seem to come across some wonderful edibles and not have something to carry them home with or have doubts about how to identify a plant. You may find this check-list useful before your next foraging trip.

What to Bring (and Wear) When You Are Going Foraging

Forager’s Kit: List of Items

Here is a simple check-list of what to bring on a foraging trip (including what to wear later on). You may not need all the items from this list but at least pack some water and a reference book if you are travelling light.

~ Reference book to help you identify a plant

~ Kitchen scissors

~ Pocket knife (useful for small branches and sturdy plant stems)

~ Canvas bags to carry your foraged vegetables

~ 1 or 2 empty jars to collect loose berries

~ 1 – 3 empty plastic containers if you are planning to pick different types of plant (it makes it easier to wash and store later)

~ Wet wipes (you can thank me later when you pick berries!)

~ Strong rubber gloves or gardening gloves (in case you are picking stinging nettle)

~ First aid kit (small cuts and grazes are an almost inevitable part of foraging)

~ Bottle of water

~ Snacks (recommended: Graze snacks, affiliate) or picnic for longer walks (an average foraging walk is 2 hours)

~ Sunscreen if it’s really sunny (but even if it’s cloudy, as you never know when the sun will make its next appearance!)

The Forager’s Kit: What to Wear

~ Sturdy walking shoes or boots

~ Rainproof jacket

~ Hat or baseball cap

~ Long trousers that you don’t mind getting torn or ripped (even in summer, as you don’t want to brush against stinging nettle with bare legs!)

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