Regency Cafe Millbank: One of the Best Fish and Chips Cafes in London

Regency Cafe fish and chips

With queues meandering all around the block, the Regency Cafe, established in 1947 (a whole 7 years before food rationing in the UK ended) is a popular hotspot for hungry Westminsterians and Millbankarians.

Loved by builders, civil servants, media companies and locals, the Regency is an institution and, although people are trying to keep it to themselves, unless you want to have fish and chips for breakfast you won’t find a table at lunchtime. Fact.

I loved the red and white checkered curtains and the efficient way staff members prepare the food and shout it out for collection.

As we sat down for a group meal and devoured our cod and chips, we received plenty of “food envy” stares from the people standing in the queue. It’s actually a rather satisfying feeling eh eh!

It’s All About the Food

Let’s dissect the meal, bit by bit.

The chips: super crunchy, with those smaller bits almost transparent from the crispiness.

The fish: light and crumbly golden batter revealing gleaming fleshy specks of opalescent cod, so juicy and tender.

Need I say more? But please, don’t say you heard it from me, it’s supposed to be a secret!

The “plaice” to be!

Regency Cafe, 17-19 Regency Street London UK SW1P 4