Homemade German Green Sauce (Grüne Soße)

german green sauce

I first tasted this green sauce on a trip to Frankfurt and I thought it was so delicious! When I had it at a restaurant it was served with meatballs and roast potatoes. The green sauce works well with boiled potatoes or boiled egg, and I think it tastes great with fish too. The original recipe calls for a variety of wild herbs, and during my foraging trips I found wild chervil and wild chives. The other ingredients were shop-bought (I couldn’t find the Sangulsorba).


75 gr of the following mixed herbs:







salad burnet (Sangulsorba)

1 boiled egg

juice of half a lemon



75 gr Greek yoghurt

100 gr sour cream


In a blender, mix the boiled egg yolk separated from the white, which is added earlier, half of the herbs, lemon juice, salt, pepper and yoghurt. Mix very well to get a smooth paste. Add the remaining herbs and the boiled egg white. The sauce should be fairly smooth but with still some small chunks of herbs and boiled egg white.

Serving suggestions: this sauce works well with fish, meat and vegetables. The example in the picture features poached salmon, boiled baby potatoes, green sauce, capers and gherkins.

german green sauce