Homemade Elderflower Buds Pickled Capers

Elderflower is so versatile as you can use it for cordials, jam, fritters and you can ever caper its flower buds.

Please note: you should pick the buds before they flower for this recipe. If the elder was already in bloom and now has unripe berries please don’t pick them as they can be toxic. The buds should be ready to pick in May, early June at the latest.


100 gr fresh elderflower buds

1 teaspoon salt

200 ml water

200 ml apple cider vinegar

½ teaspoon sugar


Boil the water with the salt, vinegar and sugar for 5 minutes, then add the elderflower buds, ensuring you have trimmed the stalks. Let the buds steep for 3 minutes and then pour everything into a sterilised jar.

The capers are ready to eat within a week. Keep in the fridge once opened.
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