10 Vegetarian Wild Food Recipes for National Vegetarian Week/Month

vegetarian recipes for national vegetarian week

Don’t know what to cook for National Vegetarian Week?  Are you running out of meal ideas during National Vegetarian Month? Here are 10 vegetarian recipe suggestions using foraged food for you to try.



Bored of the usual porridge? Let me tempt you with two breakfast options.

Elderflower Crème Brûlée, elderflower creme bruleeElderflower Crème Brûlée

Possibly more of a decadent dessert than breakfast, but to me it makes perfect sense to have egg custard first thing in the morning!

This recipe is flavoured with the beautiful aroma of elderflower and lemon balm.


chia avocado nettle smoothieChia, Avocado and Nettle Smoothie

This one is for the more health-conscious among you: a smoothie powered by protein-packed chia seeds.


Go on, play with your food!

nettle and chives muffin Energya LtdChive and Nettle Savoury Muffins

Who said that muffins are just for breakfast or tea break? This savoury version is perked up with foraged wild chive and nettle for extra flavour and iron content.


sorrel pastaPenne with Common Sorrel

This recipe was a hit on instagram, so here it is: pasta with common sorrel (also called dock leaf) in a creamy sauce.


nettle gnocchiNettle Gnocchi

Maybe something for the weekend? This recipe requires a bit of preparation time, but the rewards are plenty for your tastebuds. Have a go at making nettle gnocchi.


nettle savoury tartNettle, Asparagus and Courgette Tart

I tell you, if you bring this vegetarian pie to a picnic you will be very popular! This pie combines lovely spring vegetables on a pizza base, but you can use a ready made shortcrust base too.



A round-the-world culinary trip borrowing from France, Italy, China and Japan.


Wild vegetables and noodles Energya LtdWild Vegetables Stir Fry with Noodles

You know those evenings when you could really do with a take-away? Well, before you make that call to your local Chinese place, spare 10 minutes making this simple vegetables stir fry.


Sow thistle tarte tatinSow Thistle Tarte Tatin

Sow thistle tastes very similar to artichokes and you can soften its bitterness by caramelising it and turning it upside down in this tarte tatin.


sow thistle tempuraSow Thistle Tempura

Here’s one more recipe with sow thistle tempura: use the tops, with flower buds, dip them in batter and voilà, here’s dinner!


IMG_3993.JPGWild Garlic and Garlic Mustard Hummus-Pesto

Fancy something refreshing on a summer night? Hummus is the best – and with some pesto thrown in it’s even better.

So, what’s it gonna be? Enjoy this season’s wild foods!


For more inspiration have a look at the recipes section.

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