Seasonal and Thoroughly British: The Dynamic Menu at The Hospital Club

Meeting The Hospital Club’s head chef Duncan Cruickshanks was a revelation: he is a keen forager, as well as a supporter of sustainable, locally sourced food.
I am very passionate about foraging (I have even dedicated a section to it in my book Strictly Walk Slimmer) and learning about “secret” horseradish and watercress spots in East London was music to my ears.

The menu at Covent Garden’s The Hospital Club changes every 6-8 weeks, reflecting the seasonality of the ingredients and Cruickshanks’ ever-evolving inspiration.

We got treated to a tasting menu to try the new spring dishes.

The new menu featured scallop, black pudding and bacon, which I devoured with immense pleasure; seared venison; salt baked trout with quinoa salad; shoulder of lamb open pie (the lamb is braised for 7 hours!); caramelised shallot and baby artichoke tarte tatin, which was indulgent and satisfying.
We also had a side order of sweet potato fries and vintage tomatoes.

“Food envy” was often mentioned in conversation at our table, as we ogled at each other’s dishes taking multiple pictures from all angles.

I knew as soon as I saw the artichoke tarte tatin on the menu that I was going to have it, no case of food envy for me! Actually the tarte tatin was the highlight of my meal, which I rounded off with a refreshing (and digestion-aiding) carpaccio of pineapple with lime sorbet.

The Hospital Club is a private member’s club so to access the restaurant you need to be a member, be invited as a guest of a member or stay at one of the club’s rooms. Beg, steal or borrow to get a table at The Hospital Club, it’s well worth it! The Hospital Club also hosts regular events with the best talent in the creative industry.


Picture below: Caramelised Shallot & Baby Artichoke Tart Tatin with Sutton Farm Organic Leaf Salad

Classic Tart Tatin, sweet and savoury, served with organic leaf from Sutton Community farm.



Picture below: Scallop, Black Pudding and Bacon, Mustard Dressing and Shoots

The scallops are served pan seared, the black pudding is sourced from Suffolk. The crispy smoked bacon is cooked in between two trays until it’s really crispy and flat. Accompanied by an English mustard dressing




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