Pizza Party in Marylebone with Salentina

Wouldn’t it be nice to put your feet up for a change and let somebody else do the cooking?

Well, that’s exactly what Salentina does: it cooks healthy, homemade dishes and delivers them, so you don’t have to lift a finger (apart from clicking on their website, of course!).

Pizza is very difficult to perfect at home: domestic ovens simply aren’t hot enough to crisp up the dough base. Not forgetting that proper pizza dough should rise for at least 24 hours to get the right texture. Fear not, Salentina has all the tools of the trade to make pizza happen directly in your kitchen!

What is Salentina Fridgefreezer Filling Service?

Let’s start with Salentina‘s mission statement: “The home of the food-savvy”. It’s homemade food, prepared lovingly using all fresh ingredients, following traditional and modern Italian recipes, particularly from Southern Italy.

Life in London is hectic, and juggling work and family commitments means that we don’t have enough time to prepare and enjoy our meals. We want to eat healthily but we lack the time to cook from scratch.

This is why Salentina wants to help busy people who don’t have enough time.

There’s a very peculiar Italian tradition of mothers cooking meals for their children even when they have grown up and left the family home. Italian expatriates in London are probably nodding along to this statement!

Salentina are Barbara and Enrica, two young women from Apulia, who are passionate about food and healthy eating. They aim to transmit their passion for cooking and to make people feel happy through the pleasure of good food. They want your fridge to be happy too!

Apulia is famous for its wheat production, as well as for its pasta, breads and pizza.

Simplicity is the name of the game: for example, Enrica’s favourite dish is “orecchiette con cime di rapa”, homemade pasta with sprouting broccoli with no additives nor preservatives.

The Salentina team are based in Marylebone so they can cater for busy executives and busy Mums in the area (they serve Paddington, Marylebone, St John’s Wood and Maida Vale).

Barbara has a strong history in marketing, journalism and catering and founded the first Apulian delicatessen in London.

Enrica has a background in competitive sports and has worked for various restaurants in London.

Pizza Party Perfection

And what about pizza parties? Alongside pasta dishes, starters, sides and desserts, Salentina make delicious pizzas.

Look at these pictures: don’t these bad boys look incredible?

Pizza party Fresh pizza Pizza dough

Wouldn’t it be nice to throw a pizza party at home, without fuss? The girls from Salentina can do just that (they can cater for up to 15 people). You choose the toppings and, 3-4 minutes later, voilà! Your pizza is ready!

Chef Enrica believes in choosing the best ingredients for your pizza toppings and favours raw foods as much as possible.

When I was invited to a pizza tasting, my pizza had fresh cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic infused extra virgin olive oil, rocket and pine nut pesto and mushroom pate – all added raw after the pizza based had been cooked. This preserves the food’s enzymes and nutritional value.

Enrica uses a blend of Italian strong flour and high quality Manitoba flour for the pizza dough, which is left to rise for at least a day and up to 5 days (this process ensures that the end product is highly digestible).

If you have any food allergies and intolerances you simply ask the chef to avoid certain ingredients. Salentina needs at least 2-3 days’ notice to prepare your food.


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Picture credits: Paola Bassanese

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