Those Small Pleasures You Can Enjoy only on Holiday

Ah, the small pleasures… They don’t seem like much, but they make a difference.
Take getting a manicure: maybe you get one every month, but to me it’s a very rare treat.
Working as a massage therapist and writer, I have to keep my nails short. When I trained in massage I learned that a therapist should not wear nail polish as her clients may have an allergic reaction from the chemicals. So it was a case of “goodbye manicures”.
When I’m on a break, I can finally unleash my creativity and, although I am no nail art queen, I like to add a bit of colour. So here’s something I prepared earlier:

Another thing is food: while on holiday, it’s nice to appreciate food and really enjoy it. I particularly like the social element of eating, which I don’t tend to experience as much during the year.
I had also spent a few months calorie- and kilometer-counting in preparation of my book Strictly Walk Slimmer and being now freed from calculating duties, life is more enjoyable. It is also easier to go out for a meal with a group of people.
Finally, I love the idea of simply watching a movie without the need of critiquing it for work!
So, that’s me – what are your small pleasures?