Strictly Walk Slimmer Book Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Strictly Walk Slimmer is available as an ebook from Amazon Kindle Store and as a paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


  • Have you ever wondered about the health and fitness benefits of walking?
  • Do you know that walking can be a very fruitful activity (free food anyone?) if you know where to look?
  • Can walking be the solution to reduce stress?

I have interviewed some wonderful experts in the field of health and wellness and they shared their advice on walking, meditation, foraging and nutrition.

The experts are:

  • Sophrology practitioner Dominique Antiglio
  • Nutritionist and nutritional therapist Angelique Panagos (Sugar Free Farm)
  • Sex and relationship expert and TV personality Tracey Cox
  • Movement specialist and TV personality Joanna Hall
  • Forager John Rensten

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Looking after your Health

I Walk, therefore I Am

A Perfectly Portable Outdoor Pursuit for Perpetual Health

My Experience

Burning Calories is like Carbon Emission Offsetting: Not a Zero-Sum Game

Chapter 2 Diet Myths Debunked

Why Diets Don’t Work

Diets under the Microscope

Diets at a Glance

Much ado about 5:2?

Weight loss diets: pros and cons

Not all Calories were Created Equal

A Word on “Superfoods”

Keeping Emotions outside the Dining Room

Regimes Restricting Foods: Orthorexia and Veganism

Chapter 3 Walking for good Health

Health Benefits of Walking

Why Buy Food when You can Forage it (and Walk at the same time)?

The Culture of Foraging

A lovely Way to Learn

Foraging for Beginners

Walking Activities

Green Tourism

Awareness and Mindfulness

Walking Meditation

Walking Technique

And finally… one more Reason to Love Walking

Chapter 4 Healthy recipes


Strictly book cover

Try Before You Buy: Strictly Walk Slimmer Preview