My Advent Calendar: Early New Year’s Resolutions

Advent calendar

This year I am starting my new year’s resolutions in December so in a twist of the usual theme I am making a resolution per day of the month in December.

It all started when I had a Sophrology session with Dominique Antiglio of BeSophro: doing some dynamic relaxation and visualisation exercises helped me to lower my stress and anxiety levels and have better mental clarity to plan for the year ahead.

My 25th December New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Take better care of myself by doing relaxation, visualisation and breathing exercises
  2. Stop procrastinating and tackle the most hideous tasks first
  3. Express gratitude each day
  4. Use my creative skills to make healthy meals (and of course blog about them!)
  5. Get my new book Strictly Walk Slimmer in the best sellers’ list
  6. Use my social media skills with fantastic clients
  7. Write engaging articles on interesting topics
  8. Organise readings of my book
  9. Take care of my existing massage and provide high quality treatments
  10. Attract sponsors for my podcast
  11. Writing for high profile publications
  12. Be present and available to my friends and family
  13. Walk every day
  14. Take pictures (I don’t need a reminder for this!)
  15. Co-author another book
  16. Appreciate the present moment
  17. Nurture a better quality of life
  18. Persevere with my “obsession” with Antonio Pappano and see more of his concerts (mission accomplished!)
  19. Take regular trips to the theatre
  20. Visit London’s amazing museums regularly
  21. Get quoted in magazines on health and lifestyle
  22. Win an award (why not?)
  23. Make my newsletters completely compelling to read
  24. Do my company accounts each month instead of cramming them at the end of the year in a last minute panic
  25. Make my home a sanctuary of rest, relaxation and inspiration

Phew! Now it’s all about being accountable – you can tell me off in 2015 if I don’t stick to my plan!

What are your resolutions?