A Year in the Life of an Independent Author (Happy #Holidaze!)

2014 was a productive year with 3 published books:
Keep Calm and Pay off Your Debts
Confessions from the Massage Couch
Strictly Walk Slimmer

I am grateful to all of you who have purchased, read and reviewed my books.

Confessions from the Massage Couch was particularly well received.

All in all, an inspirational read that will appeal to people who enjoy massages or who simply wish to increase their feeling of well-being.

This was a thought provoking page turner. Great stuff Paola! My first time reading a memoir but certainly not my last! PURE GENIUS I SAY GENIUS!

it’s a distillation of the writer’s experience, and it demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between psyche and soma

Informative without being boring, with bits to make you chuckle. A good read!


Keep Calm and Pay off Your Debts also received some positive reviews.

What I found pleasantly surprising was how much relevant and absorbing information was packed into it; page after page offers resourceful links and help that should be highlighted and remembered for future use.
It has a unique, holistic take that you ordinarily wouldn’t associate with debt and finances, and that’s what makes this a breath of fresh air; it’s about time someone tackled how interconnected money is with all aspects of life including health and well-being.

I found this guide inciteful and useful it not only gave tips on debt management but on how to relax too.

A year in the life of a writer

A year in the life of a writer can be summed up like this: early mornings writing, honing the craft, spending exorbitant amounts of time promoting books, learning constantly.

Getting reviews is a full time job in itself, as is thinking up new ideas to get people to read your book!


My main achievement as an author was to have Confessions from the Massage Couch featured as Book of the Month in Spirit & Destiny magazine.

Also, being interviewed on Social Book Shelves was a real honour.

In other news, the article I wrote for itcher magazine entitled Movies like Limitless gained the number 1 spot on Google.