Podcast: Sia captures the zeitgeist and goes viral by being authentic


Sia managed something quite remarkable in  today’s Celebrity – obsessed world: she wants to remain anonymous and just focus on her creativity. Not only that: she is quickly becoming an icon for younger generations worldwide. She published a doodle with a very simple but powerful message:

I love you
keep going.

The message went viral immediately. Sia managed to capture the Zeitgeist and the need for inspiration.

Fans of Sia embraced the message and shared it out on social media praising her for her warmth and for her words of wisdom.

Famously un-famous, Sia always performs with her back to the audience. In an interview with Graham Norton she explained how she does not seek fame but she only wants to be able to express her creativity without the trappings of fame.

She expressed her longing to face the audience but the price an artist has to pay when she is in the public eye can be very high: “I miss being a part of a conversation.” And added: “I really don’t want to be famous or recognisable.” “I am ambitious and I want to be successful but I don’t want to be famous.”



Image: Sia