How to Harmonise Your Home: A Talk by Jean-Jacques Bréluzeau

Jean-Jacques Bréluzeau, founder of the Institut Sante de L’Habitat, is an authority on how to harmonise your home. He is a famous French geobiologist who has been creating more harmonious spaces in France, Spain and, more recently, in the UK (he harmonised, among others, the 58 South Molton Street Well-being Centre). He gave a workshop in London facilitated by Dominique Antiglio of BeSophro to an attentive audience.
Dominique and Jean-Jacques
Dominique reminisced about her childhood and how her family home made her feel uncomfortable: she felt an urge to ask her parents to move the furniture. She didn’t know it back then, but making subtle changes to your home environment can make a difference in terms of overall health and happiness.
When I was a child I would go and spend some time in the summer at my grandma’s house. To me it always felt as a punishment. What child would enjoy staying in a place with no television and no telephone? The Xbox hadn’t been invented yet.  So, there was definitely no electromagnetic pollution in that house. Still, I remember clearly not being able to sleep well in that house. I would wake up in the middle of the night in a panic: I felt as if my body had rotated upside-down and my feet felt as if they were on the pillow while my head felt like it was at the bottom of the bed. However, every time I checked, my head was in the right place on the pillow so why did I feel upside-down? Grandma’s house was built over an underground water stream. From the window, opposite the bedroom, you could see a water pump drawing water from the stream. I didn’t know it at the time but underground water can affect our general well-being. That’s what Jean-Jacques explained to us during his workshop on harmonising your home.
You can find some video tutorials by Jean-Jacques in French on his youtube channel.


How to Harmonise Your Home: Electromagnetic Pollution

We all have different electric appliances and electronic gadgets and equipment in our homes and it is worth checking how these electric gadgets influence our general state of health. It has been found that staring at computer or tablet or smartphone screens late at night will disrupt sleep. Additionally the electronic pollution from electric cables shouldn’t be underestimated. Ceramic is a natural insulator and so when Jean-Jacques introduced his ceramic products it all made sense.
Jean-Jacques Bréluzeau
As I was listening to Jean-Jacques I was wearing two hats: my therapist hat and my writer hat. With my therapist hat on I listened to the information and used my intuition to understand the concepts. With my writer hat on I used judgement, questioned everything and had a healthy those of scepticism to stop me from accepting everything at face value.
While some of the concepts made sense from a rational point of view, other concepts required to be taken in on a more intuitive level. Therefore if you are naturally a sceptical person you may need to skip the rest of the article. If you have an open mind please continue reading.
Harmonising your home (or work environment) requires a number of steps. First of all, you need to assess your current situation: from where your space is located (is it above stagnant water or near a fault line) to where your fuse box and wifi router are.
fault lines
Then, you need to make an intervention on your space to rebalance it.

Terres Sens Tools to Harmonise Your Home

Ever since he was 14 years old Jean-Jacques has been researching energy, water diviners/dowsers, has been reading books on past lives, life after death, underground currents, microvibrations and wave frequencies. He then started experimenting with energy and healing (his first “patient” was a neighbour’s dog). He also experimented with different shapes and materials to see which one had the most healing powers.

Dowsing has been practised since the 16th Century (Wikipedia).

I had a go at dowsing using two L-shaped metal rods (baguettes) supplied by Jean-Jacques and I must say it was a remarkably fun experience. Whether you believe or not in subtle energies, using the dowsing rods was very interesting. Seeing how they move automatically without your intervention as you move closer or further away from an object was definitely a learning experience.


To perform a consultation, Jean-Jacques uses an antenna to measure the wave frequencies of a space. The antenna is named after Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher (1856-1926). The antenna measures energy and energy disturbances and Jean-Jacques first came across this device when working alongside other energy workers. The antenna registers positive and negative frequencies and allows to look for ground energy.

Jean-Jacques’ first ever tool was a pendulum but he realised he needed a more accurate instrument to measure energy. He admitted that as a teenager he was inspired by the Professor Calculus character in the Tin Tin cartoon: he is a physician who invents many incredible devices.

Jean-Jacques set off to find where the highest healing energies were more concentrated in nature and travelled the world to study them. He then created a way to imprint these energy into his harmonising products (Terres Sens ceramic and glass tools).

electricity harmoniser measuring tool ceramic jug homeopathic remedies

Are We Feeling Tired because of Pollution?

There are different types of pollution, over and above environmental pollution created by traffic and industry.

There’s electromagnetic pollution from our beloved smartphones/tablets/laptops/TVs/games consoles; then there’s geopathic stress, ie, stress fault lines and ground currents.

Knowing the position and direction of underground water and fault lines is important to make the correct intervention on our space. A good start is to look at your floor plan.

Jean-Jacques made an intervention in the meeting room where the workshop was held by placing two Terres Sens ceramic tools near the electricity plugs, after calculating with the Lecher antenna the spot where the energy was at its lowest. Terres Sens ceramic tools have been in development for the past 15 years: they are produced in a laboratory environment using the principles of microvibratory physics.

He calculated that an egg shape was one of the best shapes to use in the home based on sacred geometry.

Egg - sacred geometry

After finding the right frequencies in highly charged places in nature around the world (notably Egypt, Israel, The Philippines), they are transferred into the ceramic with specially-created tools. He explained that all temples, pyramids and cathedrals have been built on strong energetic points on Earth to harness the energy from the ground. He then followed in the footsteps of our ancestors to recreate that same energy, make it portable and available in our homes. He has worked, among others, with Alex Orbito (featured in Shirley MacLaine‘s book Going Within) in The Philippines to study sacred geometry and architecture to build a pyramid. We all started giggling as we thought of the cartoon characters Asterix and Obelix carrying monolyths to build a pyramid… On a more serious note, the aim of the pyramid is to raise the level of consciousness allowing the connection with cosmic energy. Monoliths were used by the Celts to harmonise a place and change the polarity of the ground, in the same way as acupuncture needles intervene on the meridians in the body.

The egg shape multiplies the diffusion of energy using a sacred number: 1.618, the golden ratio used by Leonardo da Vinci representing equilibrium.

Jean-Jacques measured the energy levels in the room before and after the intervention and showed us how the levels of positive energy had risen. I wasn’t convinced at first but then started feeling a bit less “closed in”, and the room felt somewhat bigger, airier. We didn’t open the windows so we could see whether we felt like there was more fresh air in the room and I must say it did feel that way.

Talking about electromagnetic pollution, Jean-Jacques explained how electricity can change the direction of a needle in a compass and compared our cells to a compass. This made sense to me as our bodies are made of water and minerals so our cells will react to environmental changes. He said that wifi routers in our homes have a 150 meters range and they will stop our cells from vibrating at a higher frequency, which is the frequency required for health and well-being. Therefore they generate stress in our bodies, according to quantum energy principles.

In an office space or other work environment, where the energy is low and mostly negative, workers will feel tired easily. When we work in a disharmonious place feel disconnected from the cosmic and earth energy; energy work is about re-establishing that connection. Our living and working space affects our physiology.


More scientific studies are needed with regards to the physiological effect of electromagnetic pollution, however Jean-Jacques is working with physicians and biologists to test the effects of radiations and the use of ceramic tools on a number of people.

Currently there is a study on the levels of serotonin and adrenaline in a sample of 10 people whose houses have been harmonised by Jean-Jacques and how these levels change after harmonising their home. According to Jean-Jacques, after an intervention, you won’t find any more negative frequencies on a person’s body. Each organ in the body has its unique frequency so it is important to find frequencies that heal. In craniosacral therapy you work with the Primary Respiratory Mechanism, the micromovements generated by the nervous system. They represent the vitality of the person and can vary in intensity according to the state of health. A therapist can gently manipulate different organs to cause a response from the nervous system in order to rebalance the body.

How to Harmonise Your Home – La Bonne Maison

So, what does it take to harmonise your home?

  1. you need to detect the energies in the space properly
  2. you need to have the right tools, ideally charged with unlimited energy, and the right knowledge
  3. you need to put the right tool in the right place

pendantWhat does this mean? It means that DIY harmonising is, unfortunately, not an option. However, Jean-Jacques is available for consultations, even remotely, and as an initial protective measure against the environment you can wear a ceramic pendant around your neck and one in each pocket (failing that, a spray is also available with more temporary effects, and can get a specially-designed ceramic jug to harmonise the water you drink).

Additional requirement: an open mind is necessary.

One thing is for sure: we all want more health and happiness in our lives.