Fantasy #BandAid30: My Picks

I was one of those people who bought the original Do They Know it’s Christmas charity single in 1984.

I can’t describe the excitement: I bought the 12 inch mix on vinyl because size matters! The remix contains a bonus track with messages from artists who sang on the single and those who didn’t make it to the recording studio.

I always thought that Boy George went the extra mile by flying by Concorde especially as he didn’t want to miss his chance to sing on the record!

In my fantasy Band Aid 30 I would have loved to see a reunion of all the artists from the original 1984 single.

I would have also loved to see a live link with USA for Africa – 30 years later. Why not, even do a mash up of the two charity singles to raise funds to fight the Ebola virus.

And now, for my picks:



Tracey Thorn/Everything But The Girl

Bryan Ferry with Cherisse Osei on drums

Depeche Mode

Taylor Swift

John Newman

FKA Twigs

Katy B & Miss Dynamite

Which artists would you pick?