Podcast: Paolisms from Confessions from the Massage Couch

Paolisms aka The Tao of Paola



According to my Gmail I have lost my power of invisibility.

What do statisticians do on a Friday night? They go out on the poll.

My Saturday night: laundry. The end.

Good morning Monday. Can I go back to bed now?

In my life I’ve always been a part-time slim person.

The Rhomboids could be a good name for a band.

Why does a massage therapist cross the road? Because she kneads too.

Holy bananas.

I am a risk-averse daredevil.

Universal truth according to Siri: what’s the meaning of life? “All evidence to date suggests it’s chocolate.”

The way to a woman’s heart is through a tray of cupcakes.

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