Podcast: Less Screen, More Green

This is a shortened version of my Huffington Post article Less Screen, More Green.

Here’s the transcription.


Are we humans or robots? With our constant obsession with technology, are we losing sight of the bigger picture?


We have become so addicted to technology that our judgement and decision-marking may risk becoming clouded by over-exposure to shiny apps and interactive games.



I decided to go on a digital detox for a few days and took myself away from my London urban environment ruled by a computer screen and always-on phone-based social media activity. From obsessing about how many calories I had ingested to how many miles I had walked on a daily basis for a book I am writing, and from checking the weather to checking my calendar, my waking hours and parts of my insomniac nights were filled with screen time. Something had to give.


Personally, I found uninstalling instant messaging and social media apps from my phone and keeping it switched off to be hugely liberating.


Did the digital detox work? Yes it did. My brain felt less cluttered, my decision-making improved and I managed to really enjoy the sights without the pressing need to broadcast my every move on any social media platforms available.


Call me a Luddite, but now my work routine involves being completely focused on each task without electronic interruptions. Paola 1, technology 0.