Electra at the Old Vic Theatre

Old VicKirstin Scott Thomas








The timeless themes of grief and revenge run riot in Sophocles’ Electra, written in 410 BC.


Of course, the main pull for audiences to see Electra at the Old Vic is the charismatic presence of Kirstin Scott Thomas. Her mourning is devastating and her fury is destructive.


The whole cast was excellent, and praise must be given to Diana Quick, a majestic Clytemnestra.


I felt completely drained and worn out after the show, in a good way, as you are intellectually and emotionally taken by the complexity of the plot. I could hear other people in the audience feeling the same way.


Greek tragedies are, of course, no picnic – but in Frank McGuinness’ adaptation, there’s even a couple of moments of laughter, mostly due to Scott Thomas’ playful delivery.