Vanity Tweeting

We are all guilty of vanity tweeting: boasting about what we have achieved or lamenting the state of the nation (or, insert here: spouse/public transport/boss/colleagues etc etc).

But what if vanity tweeting had an actual useful purpose?

In social media, “vanity tweeting” is what I call broadcasting to the world your latest piece of writing: whether you work for yourself or for an organisation, being proud of your work is a good thing. It is also beneficial for the organisation as a whole if you are an employee, as this results in more brand awareness and more traffic to their website.

If you are self-employed and, for example, you have written a guest blog, vanity tweeting is mutually beneficial to you and the organisation you have written for. Likewise, if someone else has written a guest blog for your website, they will be tweeting about it so you will get referred traffic.

Now, how cool is that? I say, indulge in some vanity tweeting – it’s good for you!