New Ming Exhibition at British Museum and London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House

What can I say?

Never a dull moment in London! Today, 18th September 2014, was the opening of Ming: 50 Years that Changed China at the British Museum.


Covering the golden age of the Ming dynasty during the XV century, the exhibition showcases precious scrolls, artefacts, weapons and furniture.

It is eye-opening to see the cross-over elements of different religions and cultures across the Ming empire, which used written Chinese as a universal language across borders.

You learn that the Chinese have invented pretty much everything: from golf to polo, from football to archery. An inclusive and creative kingdom that was not immune from a darker side: human slavery was rife.

A short 20 minute walk (1.7kms to be precise!) and I started my queue at Somerset House for Outnet’s Trend Catwalk.


The trends for the winter season are pastels, pastels and more pastels: very flattering on any skin tone and still cozy.

Lace detailing was also quite popular (leather and lace bras, girls?).

Angela Scanlon gave an energetic address at the show praising the hard work of London based designers and the London Fashion Council.

Minor minus point: the models’ posture left lot to be desired, those hunched shoulders! It’s back pain galore.