Life Changes and the Barbie Doll Syndrome


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For some people, change is something to resist and avoid at all cost.


For me, change is necessary, compulsory and welcome. And it never happens quickly enough.


When I was about 8 years old, I deliberately broke my Barbie doll’s legs. I threw it on the ground with passion. I wanted the new Barbie doll model with bendy legs because mine had unmovable legs that did not bend at the knees. (Now, in real life, knee pain is often related to resistance to change, I’ll have you know)


Well, I still have the same attitude as an adult: change doesn’t seem to happen fast enough no matter how many Barbie dolls I break (well, I have stopped playing with Barbie dolls, I’ll have you know).


The thing is, when I embark on a change programme, I can’t wait for the results. I am the queen of instant gratification and if something takes 3 years to complete I lose interest (happens every time: my first degree, my corporate jobs, relationships).


My tastes and passions tend to change rapidly and my creative mind is constantly seeking new adventures. The time investment of moving from one process to another fills me with uncontrollable impatience.


Yet, change doesn’t happen overnight and you need to plan your steps to achieve your goals. I have never been good at planning. I simply tend to write my goals down and let life happen. But you need to put the hours in to realise your plans.


So what’s the message here? I have learned that it is worth putting the time and effort into change management but also allowing for changes in direction along the way as life is funny sometimes. You make all these wonderful plans and something throws a spanner in the works (losing someone, illness, chance encounters).


The message to myself is: well done for embracing change but ensure you allow enough time to tie up all the loose ends.


The message to you is: if you haven’t embraced change yet, go and break a few Barbie dolls’ legs. It could be quite therapeutic.


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