London Never Sleeps: Social Book Week and X-Men Premiere

By Paola Bassanese

In a city like London there’s so much going on you need more than a body double to cover each and every event that is happening! What to do?

My way of dealing with it is to cherry-pick (see the foraging metaphor there? Yes, I wrote about foraging in a previous article) events that I find to be newsworthy and will make me learn something new.

Take the Social Book Week initiative: how else could I have been in the same room as Downton Abbey’s author Jessica Fellowes, award-winner Damian Barr and music journalist Mark Ellen? In true trooper style, I went from one event to the next with only a little sleep in between. It was worth every minute.

damian barr jessica fellowes mark ellen



A few days later, who is coming to town? Only the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past, including Michael Fassbender, James Macavoy, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart.





I must say, the real stars of the show were the fans, dressed as they favourite superheroes. They were also extremely brave as the weather turned to worse and a massive downpour washed out Leicester Square and the novelty blue carpet.