Guest Blog: How Lymphatic Drainage Can Be Used During a Detox


What is the Lymph System?


The Lymphatic System is your body’s own waste disposal system and is vital for recovery and fighting infection. It works by allowing clear plasma liquid to disperse into all the tissues of the body and flow between and around all cells and organs and contains white blood cells that are used to fight infection at the source. Whilst it floats around it collects any waste material, cell debris and ‘toxins’ (potentially harmful substances absorbed by the body), it is then reabsorbed into the lymphatic system where it will be transported to your lymph nodes which act as filters and cleanse the fluid.


You may have noticed that when ill or run down, your glands  will increase in size: this is because they have to work much harder. The fluid often has a way to go before it reaches the next lymph node in your groin or underarm, it relies on movement and gravity, as well as blood circulation to help it along the way.


Why does the Lymph System slow down?


Sometimes the lymphatic system will work slower than normal. There are many things that can affect the lymph system such as illness, age, hormones, blood circulation, injury, a high intake of toxins or a repeated poor posture that restricts natural flow. An illness can cause backup of fluid and this in your body can leave you feeling run down.


We often get swelling in lower limbs and abdomen as a result of the fluid having a long way to travel and common posture of sitting down for long periods can restrict the flow into the upper body and the fluid also has to travel against gravity.


What is Lymph Drainage Massage?


Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle and deeply relaxing treatment that incorporates specialized rhythmic movements to aid the flow of the lymph fluid towards the lymph nodes and stimulate the nodes to help cleanse your body.


Lymph Drainage Massage manually moves this fluid to clear your system quickly and efficiently, ultimately reducing swelling and giving your immune system a boost!



How to Detox?


Fill your body with healthy food, avoid alcohol, caffeine and excess salt, drink loads of water and anti-oxidant rich green tea and move more and your body will be attempting to rid your body of the back log toxins and debris. By incorporating a Lymph Drainage Massage you will be helping keep your systems functioning at their optimum. By increasing the amount of water consumed and having a treatment your body will cleanse itself whilst being able to rejuvenate new cells and heal!


It is also evident that lymphatic drainage can be very beneficial when combined with a detox at combating cellulite. Cellulite is a combination of hardened tissue, excess fluid, toxins and fat build up; lymph drainage will help to remove the fluid and the toxins from the cells which prevent them from hardening and appearing like orange peel. A skilled therapist will also include tapotement techniques to help break down and soften the hardened cells. You can continue to help break these cells down and encourage healthy circulation to the area with body brushing.


The effects of a lymph drainage massage without lifestyle changes can last approximately 3 weeks, yet this very much depends on the speed of your system and any stresses still present in your body or lifestyle. If you want to maintain a lighter feeling, healthier body with increased energy and immunity it is suggested you keep up the healthy lifestyle and/or have a full body Lymph Drainage Massage once per month.


Written by Naomi for YOU Massage (


 Picture credits: A. Mayatt.