Mini Burgers with Brussels Sprouts

By Paola Bassanese

A little idea but full of flavour; it’s also paleo-friendly.

mini burgers, meatballs


8 Brussels sprouts

16 thin slices of chorizo

8 small beef meatballs

1 teaspoon olive oil

10 gr butter

1 tablespoon vegetable bouillon or 1 stock cube

8 toothpicks

1/2 pint of water



Wash the Brussels sprouts, take out any bruised outer leaves and cut in half lengthways (keep the stem on both cut halves).

Prepare a vegetable stock with 1/2 pint of water and either 1 tablespoon of vegetable bouillon or 1 stock cube. When the stock is simmering, poach the halved Brussels sprouts and the beef meatballs for 3 minutes. After poaching, set the sprouts and meatballs to one side.

Assemble the mini burgers putting a toothpick through one half sprout, then a slice of chorizo, meatball, another slice of chorizo and finish with another half sprout.

Once all the mini burgers are done, pour the olive oil onto a baking tray, place the mini burgers on the tray and finish with the butter divided into small pieces on top of the mini burgers.

Cook in a 200 degree oven for 15 minutes (check after 10 minutes as if the burgers are very small they might be ready in 10-12 minutes). The sprouts should be slightly crispy and the meat cooked through.