Confessions from the Massage Couch: A Massage Therapist’s Musings on the Meaning of Life

Confessions from the Massage Couch is available to purchase from Amazon’s Kindle Store and Smashwords.

What’s the meaning of life? The intimacy and comfort of the massage room brings out amazing insights. This book is a collection of thoughts from conversations between a massage therapist and her clients.

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Conversations that occur between client and therapist during a massage are among the most interesting, intense and insightful exchanges one could ever have.

Sometimes I wonder how many times the average person will ask herself what the meaning of life is and what is her life’s mission. Are we really so busy that we have stopped asking this question? Or, even if we did seek ways of living a more meaningful life, did we just give up at the first hurdle?

Only because a question is difficult does that mean that is it impossible to answer it?

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“…Warm and wise… it’s a distillation of the writer’s experience, and it demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between psyche and soma.”

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