Review: Club No. 41 Mayfair. Out on a school night!

By Paola Bassanese

Out on a school night? Well, yes. When you are self-employed, you can.

I was kindly invited to new members’ club No 41 in Mayfair, part of the Westbury group.

The club has the most stunning and decadent interior (shall we say baroque?) with gorgeous paintings and red velvet seats and with an intimate feel. I was particularly impressed with the cocktails: they were innovative and based on flower notes.

I had a wonderfully scented cocktail with violet-infused vodka and passion fruit – simply gorgeous.

At 41 Mayfair

The venue was buzzing on a Thursday night thanks to some great tunes by DJ Scott  Chester.

You could still feel the energy from London Fashion Week and in fact the club is perfect for events like meetings and fashion shows.

Talking of fashion: the only downside to my experience was the ridiculous door policy. I was wearing smart 2 inch heel black boots and I was told I could not get in because I was not wearing high heels. After some negotiations with the organisers, I was let in, but quite frankly, although I understand that a members’ club has to retain an air of exclusivity, I simply cannot understand footwear fascism, but that’s just me.

As I side note I would like to add that Emma Thompson was rocking flat shoes on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guilds Awards. Just sayin’.