Meeting Channel 4 presenter and author Emma Woolf


By Paola Bassanese

Emma Woolf and Paola Bassanese

On Saturday 15th February 2014 I had the privilege of meeting Emma Woolf, author of Ministry of Thin and An Apple a Day, journalist and presenter of Channel 4’s Supersize vs Superskinny.


She gave a keynote talk at SHRINK, an event by eating disorder clinic WeightMatters on emotional eating. In her speech she shared her own experience of recovering from anorexia, and raise some important questions on body image and how much modern society makes quick judgements on the basis of looks.


Exploring emotions and childhood triggers, pressures from peers, society and media: our fragile egos and self-image are constantly put to the test.

Emma Woolf

An inspiring talk and inspiring meeting.

You can follow Emma Woolf on twitter: @ejwoolf