Coriolanus screening at Everyman Cinema

By Paola Bassanese

Coriolanus is the hottest ticket in town. Blame the dashing Tom Hiddleston,  Birgitte Hjort Sørensen from Borgen and the intriguing Mark Gatiss of BBC Sherlock’s fame.

Unfortunately some technical glitches spoiled the enjoyment of the show during the screening at Everyman cinema.

Coriolanus’ staging is innovative and reminiscent of The Curious Incident. You are transported to bloody and violent Roman times, where politics is acted on the battleground.

I wouldn’t say that watching theatre at the cinema translates well and I agree with Jose’ Arroyo’s critique (see his review Screening Shakespeare). The whole point of seeing a play is to feel the energy of the performances up close. Alas, as all tickets at the Donmar Warehouse are sold out, cinema screenings are a consolation prize.