Book Review: What If by Shirley MacLaine

By Paola Bassanese

We were put on this Earth for a purpose – it’s always worth asking ourselves what our mission in life is and explore the mysteries of the Universe.

I may not agree with all the theories explained in this book, but Shirley MacLaine’s What If…? is a wonderful book about life and life after death, and MacLaine is a superb raconteur.

Just the episode about her AFI Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 is worth reading the whole book for – from the behind the scenes hilarity to MacLaine’s inner dialogue.


Asking questions to find the meaning of life is important to the human race. I really enjoyed this book, Shirley MacLaine is my all-time favourite actress and a lot of what she says makes sense to me. I may not agree with UFOs and other extraterrestrial theories but who cares? There is so much food for thought in here that this book is worth going over to ponder on our origins and evolution.

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