“3 The Trilogy” Chapter 1 screening at Hackney Picture House

By Paola Bassanese

The first chapter of Giuseppe Cifaratti’s series of short films on love and relationships was screened on 9th February at Hackney Picture House.

Challenging any preconceived ideas that society instils in us about love, relationships and identity, Ciffaratti explores the topic of polyamory with elegance and drawing from personal experience.

Are we all completely gay or straight and are we necessarily destined for monogamous relationships?

This and other themes are narrated in the first short film, all shot in black and white to symbolise an “all-or-nothing” mentality of the protagonist.

The other two chapters of the trilogy will look at the same topic from different perspectives (eg a woman’s point of view vs a man’s point of view) and time frames (1940s and 1960s).

After the screening, singer-songwriter LyricL delighted the audience with songs from her album Amazed.

The event was organised by Slave2thevibe.