Book on Debt-Related Stress: Keep Calm and Pay off Your Debts by Paola Bassanese




For the price of a cappuccino you can download on Amazon’s Kindle Store Keep Calm and Pay off Your Debts: A Holistic, Step-by-step Approach to Manage Financial Stress and Achieve Balance in Your Life.

Book Preview

Paola Bassanese, award-winning therapist, wellbeing specialist and author of Keep Calm and Pay off Your Debts, shares her practical tips on how to manage money worries using a holistic approach. In this book you will learn how important your overall health is when managing a budget and getting back to black with your finances.


From healthy eating recipes to useful relaxation techniques, this book is unique in its focus on stress management and how emotional health is a key priority when managing your money.


Keep Calm and Pay off Your Debts is solution-oriented and will guide you through how to feel calmer and motivated.

In this book you will learn how to embrace a more holistic lifestyle, achieve a better work/life balance and be inspired to be more in control of health, career and finances.


About the author Paola Bassanese


Paola Bassanese, MA IR/ES, ITEC, is an award-winning therapist and wellbeing specialist. She is the owner and director of Energya Ltd, a company specialising in stress management solutions.

After a 15 year career in the corporate world and an inspirational trip to Peru, she founded Energya Ltd to provide high quality wellness services to a loyal customer base.

As an author, Paola has written for the international consultancy Ovum and for the Economist, she was quoted in the Financial Times and her story was published in Spirit and Destiny. She appeared on Sky TV’s The Active Channel and regularly writes for the Huffington Post in the UK Lifestyle section and for in the States.

You can connect with Paola Bassanese at, on Twitter at @paolaenergya, on and, on LinkedIn and on Google +.


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